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Spring Flowers

Our year begins as the days begin to lengthen in March.  With increased daylight and a gentle warmth in the soil we are rewarded with beautiful narcissus emerging from the darkness.  Growing unusual varieties is our unique selling point and we are positively confident that they cannot be bought in supermarkets!

Almost unbelievably quickly, tulips, hyacinth and muscari make their delightful entrance into our cutting garden creating an utterly joyous scene

Summer Flowers

June arrives, bringing the sweet peas into bloom.  This confirms that Summer has arrived.  Sweet peas are probably the most prolific flowers that we grow, the more we pick, the more they grow. 

Always picked around sunrise in order to collect the best blooms, sweet peas are delicate and scented.  No wonder they are a popular choice for Summer brides.  Mixed with cornflowers ammi and alchemilla they will delight and enchant your bridal bouquet.

Autumn Flowers

As the days become shorter and September arrives with its warm days and cooler evenings, the colours in the cutting garden become more vibrant and we are rewarded with rich autumnal shades.

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